Staff List

Name Voicemail Title/Subject Email
Hoover, Rob 303-982-3820 Principal
Law, Molly 303-982-3820 Assistant Principal
Skillern, Julia 303-982-3820 Dean of Students
Melvin, Mika 303-982-4783 Instructional Coach
Office Staff
Archuleta, Sherry  303-982-3819 Principal's Secretary 
Spore, Kelli 303-982-3798 Attendance/Communications/Enrollment
Nielsen, Andrea 303-982-3845 Clinic Health Aide
Vander Horst, Joanie 303-982-5002 Financial Secretary
Ayde, Cindy 303-982-6291 8th Grade Counselor
Alexander, Dustin 303-982-3844 6th Grade Counselor
Jonas, Patty 303-982-0397 7th Grade Counselor
Zanetti, Karrie 303-982-9711 Digital Teacher Librarian
6th Grade
Allen, Marci  303-982-8226 Science 
Feuk, Ashley 303-982-3836 Math
Grove, Michelle 303-982-3833 English Language Arts, Social Studies
Mayberry, Tina 303-982-7414 English Language Arts
Mitchell, Danielle
Social Studies
Noren, Chris 303-982-3831  Science,Math 
7th Grade
Corizzi, Danielle  303-982-3851  English Language Arts
Kerzee, Erik 303-982-3769  Social Studies
Kimberlin, Kyle 303-982-3815  Math
Lyons, Nicky 303-982-3812 Science
Perry, Jennifer 303-982-8927 English Language Arts
Rohrer, Mike 303-982-3814 Social Studies
Saueracker, Lori 303-982-3752 Science
Westerkamp, Hilary 303-982-8398 Math
8th Grade
Auger, Reid 303-982-4129 Language Arts
Butler, Jeff  303-982-3797  Math
Dehne, Amy 303-982-3817  Science
Laniel, Kari 303-982-3807 Language Arts
Lee, Brandi 303-982-1155 Math
Resler, Brent 303-982-0432
Social Studies
Teichman, Ally 303-982-3802 Science
Wright, Chris 303-982-3759 Social Studies
Bryson, Peggy 303-982-3816 Choir
Cate, Caroline  303-982-3790 Spanish 
Farris, Pam 303-982-5524 Art, Technology
Goecks, Allison 303-982-2796 Family and Consumer Science 
Prater, Angela  303-982-3957 Technology 
Hirman, Ray 303-982-3820 Engineering
Stambaugh, Brady 303-982-1174 Physical Education
Stengaard, Stephanie 303-982-3823 Physical Education
Steyn, Heather
Sudano, Jim
303-982-3743 Orchestra, Band
Walz, Lisa 303-982-3818 French, World Languages, Yearbook
Special Education & Student Support Services
Arnson, Amanda 303-982-3799 Social Worker
Goodrich, Shelby 303-982-3828 Speech / Language Pathologist
Wickman, Jordan 303-982-3849  Special Education / Learning Specialist
Catello, Aleena 303-982-0077 ESL
Stevens, Rachael 303-982-3811 SSN (Significant Support Needs)
Taylor, Ashley 303-982-3803 Social Emotional Learning Specialist
White, Jenny 303-982-3767 Special Education / Learning Specialist
 Schalla, Lisa 720-315-3855  Jeffco School District Registered Nurse
Facility Manager
Sturbaum, Kyle 303-982-3808 Facility Manager
Farley, Lori 303-982-3771 Cafeteria Manager
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